Must-Have SEO Tools That Every Business Website Needs

3 Must-Have SEO Tools That Every Business Website Needs

Every single day, your competition is growing and more business is conducted online. More and more players in every industry are focusing on getting more clients from the web over foot traffic. From new savvy software companies to small merchant boutique stores – almost every business is aiming for top search results. 

Many companies realize that now, more than ever, a company’s success rate depends on its visibility to the web’s potential customers. Businesses that are present and visible in the top search results reel in more customers than those that hit pages two, three, and so on. 

If you want to be a thriving business that brings in customers, you’ll need the proper website toolset. It’s not a walk in the park to drive customer traffic your way with so much competition, but with the right SEO strategy and tools, you can level up your visibility.

3  Must-Have Tools to Help With Your SEO strategy.

SEO is crucial for any thriving business. It also applies to physical shop owners, not only online shops. After all, people do their first search only to find out which shops have the product they’re wanting to buy. 


  1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that provides its users with the analytics and important data reflecting their marketing tactics and how their current strategies are working. With such powerful information at hand, you’re able to improve your sales conversion.


  1. Google Search Console Lets You See Site Performance


This is another free SEO tool from great Google. This tool is especially helpful in giving advanced indications and alerts about anything that could be going wrong with your site. It gives you tons of valuable and super analytical data to review in regards to your site’s performance.


  1. Rank Ranger Tracks Keywords


Rank Ranger is also another savvy tool to add to your stash. It’s the perfect SEO tool that is commonly used for tracking the rankings of keywords. You’ll also have the ability to see your site’s web ranking for specific keywords regarding your business. There is also the ability to monitor and analyze your backlinks, as well as discover the optimal keywords for PPC